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Dennon is an award-winning Australian based consultant who specialises in Digital Marketing Strategy. With multiple roles as a virtual Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, he designs solutions for businesses by aligning their strategic objectives with tactical demands.

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Lead of Field Sales at Google

“Dennon is truly a remarkable individual that inspires, energizes and motivates the people around him. Working with Dennon, there is no such thing as impossible. He alongside his team are always willing to go above and beyond, working around tight deadlines to produce incredible results every time. Having worked with other media and creative agencies in the past, I can say confidently that you can rest easy knowing that Dennon and his team have your business needs covered. Dennon’s proactive, hardworking and fun character makes him a valuable individual in any project and I look forward to our continued work together.


Director of gentSac.

It has been a breath of fresh air working with Dennon. He is incredibly creative and dedicated in assisting us translate our vision into an engaging and interactive social/content body of work. I found myself having a lot of conversations with Dennon that lent to personal development and the impact that it can have on your business. He’s so intelligent and creative and has a very open mind, as well as a greater self- awareness.


Director at JK Speech Therapy Services

If you’re after someone who will genuinely put their best foot forward to promote your brand, teach you the best ways to succeed in this crazy competitive world, Dennon is your man. I had such a pleasure of working with him to build my portfolio and brand. In one day I learnt so much and he’s kind enough to still keep in contact to keep motivating me.”


Director at Lumela Co

Dennon is an extremely diligent and friendly individual. I am currently working with him as a client of his and its been an amazing experience. His knowledge of the concepts of business, marketing, content creation, and website creation is amazing. He is able to deliver the information in a way that makes anyone from various backgrounds of software tech and marketing knowledge understand. He is extremely organized and I would honestly recommend him to anyone. His sense of direction is so helpful especially for those who are wanting to succeed in business. He is so calm and collected and such a joy to be around. He has great listening skills. There are so many compliments that I could list out and they are rightlfully deserved.

What is a Virtual CMO?

A Virtual Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is an outsourced service provider on monthly retainers; offering high skill assistance in the development and execution of online strategy and marketing for a fraction of the price.


What’s a Virtual CSO/CMO?

So you have just started a new business, or maybe your current business has gone through a growth spurt and you want to take it to the next level. Now, you’ve discovered that your marketing and strategy is taking up a lot of time or is falling behind.

What’s worse is that you’re the main source of the problem.

By trial and error (and harrrd work), you were able to get this far (go you!). You stumbled through your marketing duties and you were doing it ALL by yourself. (Unless, of course, you were lucky enough to have a business partner who could wear some of the multiple hats that founders are required to wear.)

You realised, as founders often do, that work magically multiplies to fill all available hands.

You were creating all the blog content (or outsourcing it), and you were doing all the outreach. You were the one working with a freelance designer. You were the one finding opportunities to guest blog or be featured on podcasts or webinars, and you were the one creating content for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Until now, your word-of-mouth was looking good.

Recently you’ve been forced, like all founders managing a fast growth business, to identify the top priorities for your business and you’ve determined that your focus needs to be on improving your operations and creating the best experience for your customers.

It’s all about getting your business up to maximum efficiency, right?

But putting your focus on one area of the business usually means another area is suffering as a result, and that’s led to one major roadblock when it comes to growing your business the way you want it to…

“I’m struggling to find time to do my marketing,” or “I’m great at the operations and systems but I suck at Social Media.”



You’ve got your email marketing software, your website may be up, and your social media accounts are active. Maybe you’ve done some SEO, and even got some paid ads happening with a whole bunch of contractors involved but you’re feeling like it’s not really working as you’d hoped.

Either way, you need support before things go off the rails.

Should you hire a full-time in-house marketing director, marketing manager or chief marketing officer (CMO)? Sure, but a $150k-$200k salary is out of budget (for now).

You need someone with the right expertise and the ability to understand your business quickly.

You need someone who can work with you to create the marketing test plan going forward.

You need a virtual Chief Marketing Officer (also referred to as a virtual or outsourced CMO) and/or a virtual Chief Strategy Officer.

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